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Bryar Hudye

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Bryar is one of our very hard working Junior dancers. This month she has earned herself our “Stick To It” Award! Her favourite step is chassés. She would like to keep woking and improving on her flexibility and her splits. Bryar has acknowledged that her skipping has improved so far this year. Keep up the great work Bryar!

Emerson Kuntz

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Emerson is always a pleasure to have in the studio! She has earned herself the “Star Student” Award in the Junior group. Her favourite step is chassés. She would like to work on improving her on her flexibility and her splits. Emerson is very proud of herself for improving her sugar twist. Good job Emerson keep it up!

Dessa Tiefenbach

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Dessa is one of our hard working Pre Intermediate dancers who is always ready to give it her all. She has earned herself our “Star Student” Award for the month of October. Her favourite step is msxifords. Dessa has acknowledged that her flexibility in her splits has improved so far this year! Dessa wants to keep working and improving on her double pirouettes. Awesome work Dessa!

Eislyn Peat

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Eislyn is a very dynamic dancer in our Intermediate group, and by working so hard she’s received the “Star Student” Award! Her favourite step is splits. She has been working hard and has improved her handstand on wall in pike position. Eislyn would like to keep improving on her double pirouettes. Keep working towards your goals Eislyn, great job!!

Maria West

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Maria is one of our very passionate Senior dancers and she’s always a pleasure to have in the studio! Her favourite step is struts. Maria would like to keep improving her splits and overall flexibility. Maria has acknowledged that she has improved on keeping her eyes up and off the floor while dancing! Great job Maria, keep it up!


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