Star Students

Sophia Sowden

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Sophia has never missed a beat, earning her our “Star Student ” award in the Junior group. Her favourite step is ponies. She acknowledge that her tendu position has already improved so far this year! Sophia would like to improve on her chassés! Awesome work Sophia!

Emerson Kuntz

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Emerson’s willing attitude and bright smile makes the studio just that much brighter. Her favourite step is sugar twist. She would like to improve her shuffle steps. She is very happy her ponies has improved so far this year! Thank you for working so hard Emerson, your hard work proves you deserve to be named “Stick to It” award for the Junior group


Morgan Buckner

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Morgan is a passionate dancer that always works to her full potential.This is why she has earned herself our “Star Student” award in the Pre Intermediate group! Her favourite step is splits. She has acknowledged that her back bridges have improve so far this year! Morgan would like to keep working and improving her chainé turns. Keep smiling and working towards your goals Morgan!


Danika Tiefenbach

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Danika is a very dynamic dancer, and by working so hard she received the “Star Student” award in the Intermediate group! Her favourite step is split walks. She has been working very hard and has improved her relevé within her dancing. Danika would like to improve her overall flexibility and get her right split his year. Keep working towards your goals Danika and good job!


Group of the Month 

Pre Junior

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We are so proud of our Pre Junior group and have chosen to recognize them as our Groups of the Month! These dancers are always a joy to work with and we love seeing how much they learn each and every week! Our Pre Juniors have been working very hard on their Pre Junior Jazz and Tap ADAPT work in class. It’s exciting to see how far they’ve already come since the beginning of September. The class has been focused on technique, placement and flexibility, well being in a fun environment. The students are loving the new work and are excited each class to see the new props we are using to promote good technique. In Ballet we are focused on improving our turnout, pliés, classical walks and sautés. We can’t wait for you to see these dancers on stage in the new year! Thanks for working so hard Pre Juniors !! Keep dancing and smiling!


Class Assistant of the Month 

Taren Baht

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Taren is twelve years old and one of our very dedicated Intermediate dancers. Taren’s passion for dance started at the age of five when he joined Dance Sensations. His love of dance and working with kids has brought him back for his third year of being a class assistant with the Pre Beginner and Beginner groups. Some of Taren’s favourite parts of assisting is seeing how much the kids improve throughout the year and learning to have more patience when working with younger children. Taren is working very hard on his  training in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop and will be taking his Junior 3 ADAPT Jazz and Tap exam as while as his Preliminary 2 Ballet exams in the spring. Taren’s goal this year is to improve his overall flexibility and splits. His favourite class is Ballet and one of his favourite combinations is his Classical Port De Bras. Miss Desiré and Miss Cara are grateful to have him as one of our class assistants for our 2018-2019 dance seasons!



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